Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Pink house frog Razzle

The pink house frog likes doing handstands on its little inside artificial grass.

                                         It hides under giant sunflowers to hide from hungry owls.
                                          The frog named Razzle likes making hats out of flowers.                   

                                         Razzle has her own apartment. But she must watch out for predators such as Charlie. ( This is really meant because if Charlie could he would chew anything to shreds)
                                                  Razzle loves posing for photos.
                                                            She is befriended with tweet birds.
                                                                Razzle likes surfing the web.                                                 

                          Razzle pretends to be deco, plays the piano and befriends work in progress stuff.
                          She likes Muppets too.
                                                                        But she likes 24, too.  
                                        She is fearless as you can see that she is not afraid of the bomb.                   

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