Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Karneval Prizes

Yes, you may think I am a Karneval junkie!! I went to another Karneval but this time a bigger one in the city and not in a little village. The karneval is in Andernach , I live in a little village called Eich it is near Andernach. So In the picture you see my slinky I won ! But that is not the best about it yet......
It has a smiley face on it!!!!!!!!!!! I won that duck fishing. After that I went to the shooting with a gun stand. ( Things are hung up ( you shoot the string) or attached to plastic (you shoot the plastic ) )It was the first time I did it so I went for little things and I got 13 bullets to shoot. I won 2 lollys ( one of them I accidentally shot of the stim) and a love heart.
 After that I got me a big glass of water and fries. and I tried one of the machines that  you take stuffed animals or toys out. My final prize was a pack of chalk I used all up. For a lunch snack my pop bought me a giant pretzel I shared with mom and Charlie.

Did you know I`m gaga for hats ? I have a picture of most of them. I will update a new photo.
 That I wore to karneval on Sunday.